STR 30 (40)
DEX 29 (39)
CON 29 (39)
INT 24 (34)
WIS 27 (37)
CHA 28 (38)

Languages: Common, several Human tongues, Elvish, Feline, Equine, Woodland (per dm permission)
Weapons: Dual wield, long sword in right hand, dirk in left; throwing daggers, long bow, battle axe, 2 hand sword.

Special note: after death and resurrection by Oasis, has senses heightened to 1/3 of Lycan bonus


Highlander, with viking and elven (fey) blood. Very long red-gold hair with lots of silver in it, often braided. Frequently wears his kilt and clan colors, despite them being outlawed in many cities. Moderately tall, decent build. Considers himself nothing special. committed to vengence against the Magi empire that occupies his homeland. has a special disdain for magic users, used to hate them all unequivocally but has matured and accepts the presence of them in his party, grudgingly. Enemy casters will almost always be his first target, they lack honor and have committed especially horrible atrocities in the Highlands. Very quiet in public, well aware that most think barbarians, especially highlanders stupid, content to allow them to underestimate him. Often looks at a situation and comes to a conclusion, frequently taking his decided action without informing friends/party as he is most accustomed to solo work , still tends to view situations as “how can i survive this” alone. Leads to some very interesting situations, especially in cities with stricter personal violence laws, ie brawling…
Accepts that love is not a likely, nor practical event in his life, and subsequently is a generous and kind lover, despite his outward wild appearance. Has a fierce protective streak, and works hard to conceal any personal emotions from those around him…


Prophesy of the Extinct roguelynx