Prophesy of the Extinct

Prophesy of the Extinct
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Long ago, several thousand years really, a great black dragon named Drath took to mate with an unlikely creature. For as dark and evil as Drath was, his mate Bathsheba, a beautiful white lynx was his equal in the opposite realm. She was light and completely good in nature. The black dragon clan found their union to be an abomination and set out to find a way to break the union.

Though try as they might, the love between the two was far to strong to break. And soon after Bathsheba found herself with child. The black dragon clan roared with outrage! But it was Bathsheba’s kind that found a way to stop the two from progressing with what they saw as a horrid mix of the bloods. They sent word to the black dragon clan that they had thought of a way to stop this union from progessing and met with them in secret to discuss their plans. And put them into motion.

On the first day of spring as a strong storm raged Bathsheba labored to bring forth her and Drath’s first child. As their family clans labored to see the mixing of the blood stopped. To this end they had employed the highest of the Magi to use his magick to stop the birth. But as the birth could not be stopped, he instead cursed the union, the child and any others that would come of their union. The curse was simple enough. Any child born to the two would wither and die at a very young age. The childs heart would cease to beat. And so the new race could never come to be.

One wise magi who did not agree with the them at all stepped forth. As it was too late to stop the curse, he instead added to it. The blood line would continue on, when the time was right, in an age when the new race might be accepted and allowed to flourish. Though no child would live long enough to see the blood line through random carriers would hold the blood line, carry a mark, and eventually give birth to the new race…


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